Is DIY Bed Bug Control Worth The Hassle In Austin?

bed bug on skin

The unsettling reality is that most people don't become aware of a problem with bed bugs until a few days after being bitten or until they start to notice indicators of their presence. Although these blood-feeding bugs are typically thought of as nocturnal, they will occasionally emerge during the day to feed on their victims' blood. 

It is important to remember that working with an expert pest control professional is the most effective method for dealing with an existing bed bug infestation. There is not a single do-it-yourself treatment for bed bugs capable of treating active infestations in your home effectively and appropriately. Contact Aries Pest Control for pest control in Austin at the first sign of bed bugs.

How Do I Know If I Have A Bed Bug Infestation?

Searching your physical belongings for evidence of bed bugs is the most reliable method for determining an infestation. Look for the following whenever you are cleaning your home, changing the sheets, or staying in a hotel or motel:

  • Traces of blood on your bedding and pillowcases
  • Bed bug excrement, which appears as dark or rusty patches, found on sheets, mattresses, bed clothing, and walls
  • Bed bug feces, egg shells, or shed skins in places where bed bugs like to hide
  • An awful, musty stench comes from the bugs' scent glands
  • The presence of actual bed bugs, dead or alive

You may have bed bugs in your Austin home if you wake up with itchy bites you did not have before you went to sleep. This is often the case if you bought a used bed or other old furniture around the same time the bites started.

The Problems A Bed Bug Infestation Can Create In Your House

The effects of bed bug bites might vary greatly from person to person. Marks that are itchy, unpleasant, and unsightly can appear on the skin of some individuals, while others may suffer severe allergic responses that require immediate medical attention. 

A problem with bed bugs can also affect the immune systems of you and your family in several different ways. Your immune system restores itself as you sleep. You are more prone to get ill if bed bugs keep you awake all night. 

DIY Bed Bug Control Is A Waste Of Time And Money

DIY is one of the bed bug control techniques for your home; however, bed bugs have a very high reproductive rate. If you try to solve the problem yourself, it could take several weeks or even months, giving the bed bugs additional opportunities to hide, reproduce, and multiply. The severity of the infestation will increase proportionately to the amount of time that passes. When using do-it-yourself approaches, there is an excessively high risk that a small number of bed bugs will develop into a severe infestation.

When you try DIY methods, things can go wrong, putting you in danger. Treatments for bed bugs should only be performed by trained specialists, such as those working in pest control. If you observe a sign of bed bugs, you should contact a professional at Aries Pest Control for bed bug control in Austin.

What You Should Do If You Find Bed Bugs In Your Home

Your best bet to control bed bugs is to hire a professional at Aries Pest Control which is a local pest control for bed bugs. A pest control service provider receives training on bed bugs' biology and behavior. This means they know where to look for bed bugs and how to control them at the source of the infestation. They can control bed bugs at all phases of development by employing a mix of procedures, which is almost impossible to achieve with do-it-yourself items like sprays and powders.

When dealing with bed bugs, you are strongly advised to seek the assistance of trained professionals at Aries Pest Control, which is one of the best bed bug pest control near you.