Pest Control Doesn't Need To Be Complicated.
We Won't BUG You Like The Other Guys.

What Qualifies Us

If you’re hiring a team to get rid of your pest problem, you want to be sure they know what they’re doing and are capable of getting the job done right. At Aries Pest Control, we have all the experience necessary to do a great job every time. Though the company was only founded in 2018, our team members have been in the industry since 1995. That’s a lot of years and a lot of pests so we truly know what works (and what doesn’t).

What Clients Are Saying

Previous clients of ours only have good things to say. They noted our professionalism, friendliness, and most importantly effectiveness at solving their pest problems. We’re certain you’ll have a positive experience working with us, too.

How We’re Different

Our commitment to customer service is unmatched by our competitors. We strive to always meet clients’ needs, adapt as necessary, and respond to feedback. It’s not just about getting rid of pests but providing a useful service and helping people.

About Our No Contract Approach

At Aries, we understand that not everybody wants their hands tied with a long term commitment. People move, things change, whatever the reason, you should have the flexibility to decide when you want to spend your money or receive a service. Our customers have different needs, we recognize that and respect that, which is why we offer an affordable no-contract pest control service. If you call around and ask other pest control companies about their service options, they will probably need to schedule a time to come out so they can give you a quote. Just about all of them will require you to sign a one year contract as well. We provide transparent pricing and have a no-pressure approach to our services.

About Our Safe Spray Guarantee

At Aries, we have a wide range of pest control Expert products that we use to treat different types of vermin and insects. We listen to our clients when they tell us what pests are bugging them, and do a thorough inspection of your property to look for signs of specific insects that might not be on your radar. Our application of products is active for 90 days on average, but sometimes certain pests are peskier than others. If you’re a no-contract customer and notice any more pest activity within 30 days of your service, we will come back and do another round of applications to kill the pests for good, at no charge to you.
For our clients who have our seasonal, year-round protection service, Aries’ safe spray guarantee will apply for the entire duration of your commitment to us. At any time if you notice any pest activity, call us, and we’ll come out and apply another application.

About Our Experience

At Aries Pest Control Expert have proper licenses and are insured so you can feel confident in our staff’s knowledge. We have over 25 years of combined pest control experience and use a wide variety of products to ensure your home’s defense. We believe in going beyond our clients’ expectations, and your health and satisfaction are our top priorities. We are proactive and dedicated professionals who can adapt quickly to an ever-changing environment. We enjoy what we do, and we love hearing feedback from our clients! If you ever have any comments or questions, please contact our email or call or text at (512) 888-3565.