Need Help Removing Your Unwanted Guests?

We Can Help, And We Have The Best Price In Town.

Rodent season officially begins in the fall. These pests will migrate indoors as the weather cools in search of warmth, shelter, food, and water. Rodents not only spread disease but will also chew through wood supports and electrical wires in your home. They are also the most common pest seen in the winter. It is not uncommon to have rats, mice, squirrels, and other rodents carry fleas, which can be a nightmare to get rid of. For only $99.99, we will set snap traps and use a unique pheromone that attracts the rodents to our traps. Our $99.99 trap special includes the removal of any dead rodents. We can also seal any entry points so more rodents don’t find their way into your home. If there are any rodent droppings, we can remove them and sanitize the area as well. We also provide live trapping for other rodents such as squirrels and possums, which will not harm them. We release all live-trapped rodents in a nature preserve.