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Termite Control In Austin, TX

Why Termites In Austin Are A Problem For Property Owners

The climate in Austin is perfect for all organisms, so it isn't surprising that termites thrive here. While we have several species, there are primarily two kinds of termites. They are subterranean termites and drywood termites. Subterranean termites prefer softer wood and come up from the ground to enter homes. Drywood termites prefer hard wood and enter homes by getting in through tiny cracks and gaps in the exterior. When they enter a man-made structure, they can do quite a bit of damage over time. Termites are a multi-billion-dollar problem in the United States, with property owners in the southern states paying the most for termite damage.

Termite Damage Often Catches Austin Residents By Surprise

Another reason termites in Austin are a problem is that they're sneaky. When termites start munching on your equity, you will not know it. They'll quietly take one nibble at a time, grow their colonies, and increase the amount of damage they can do. All of this happens right under your nose — and under your feet. Here are a few ways they manage this:

  • Termite workers avoid light. They don't even like to come out of their tunnels into the moonlight.
  • The damage caused by termites is mostly inside wooden timbers. They'll make extensive galleries in the wood over time and compromise support beams.
  • The warning signs of a termite infestation are often subtle. You may have a little wiggly mud line on your foundation, a few swarmer wings under your back deck, or you may catch a few worker termites under a dead branch.

When you get a professional inspection or a treatment to prevent termite damage, these insects can't surprise you with extensive damage. Contact Aries Pest Control to learn more about our pest control services in Austin, TX.

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    "Aries knows pest control."
    I had a serious problem a few years back. Kevin came out, set traps, returned and disposed of the critters because I was terrified, put out bait traps and sealed entrances, and I ain't seen nothing since, thank God! Thorough and responsive.
    - Regina G.
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    "I wholeheartedly recommend their company."
    Got home after a long absence and found a wasps nest in our patio. They came out the same day and took care of them and found an even bigger nest and removed it as well.
    - Don M.
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    "Fast professional service that works."
    We have had to request occasional spot treatments for fire ants trying to return - Aries always responds quickly and at no charge - they really do honor their warranty.
    - David C.
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    "Nothing but compliments to their team!"
    Shopped lots of companies in the area and these guys are the best price for their services. Always on time and give notice the day before upcoming appointments and when they are on the way. They do a good job and have fair prices.
    - Brandon D.
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    "Good solution for our rental properties."
    Fair price, no contracts, on-line billing with CC auto-pay, good customer service, work directly with tenants to schedule service (and no complaints about bugs!) - what's not to like?
    - Mike C.
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    "Very courteous, patient, and descriptive!"
    \Each representative I’ve had the pleasure of working with has been very knowledgeable about the services they provide, and their response times are amazing!
    - Arnold W.

Expert Termite Control For Austin, Texas And Surrounding Areas

Whether you have a current infestation or want to prevent a termite infestation, navigate to our contact page and request service. Aries Pest Control offers industry-leading termite control solutions to arrest termite activity and treatments that continually work to stop sneaky termites from accessing the wood of your home. When you choose Aries Pest Control, you also get other amenities:

  • We offer clear pricing, so you don't have to wonder what you're paying for.
  • We don't burden you with contracts and commitments. We understand that situations change, and you need the flexibility to roll with whatever comes your way. You can stop your service at any time.
  • All that is required to keep your property continually protected and under warranty is a $95 annual inspection.

When you get a termite control service plan for your Austin property, you decide how much you will let termites cost you. In fact, you can add it as a line item in your budget. Life has enough surprises; termite damage doesn't have to be one of them. Reach out to us today for assistance. We're here to help you find answers to your termite control questions!

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Have questions? We are here to help. Still have questions or can't find the answer you need? Give us a call at 512-898-7143 today!

  • How can I stop termites from damaging my property?
    There are two methods for stopping termites, eliminating termite colonies, and guarding your property against termite damage. The two methods are the installation of termite bait stations and liquid termiticide treatments. Reach out to us to ask how these treatment solutions work and what would work best for your specific needs.
  • What do termites in Austin look like?

    There are primarily three castes of termites that you'll see. If you know what these termites look like, you could catch a termite problem early.

    Workers: Termite workers are ? of an inch long and a pale yellowish color. They have six legs and look like fat ants.

    Soldiers: These are the termites that protect the workers. They are larger and have black pincers on their heads.

    Swarmers: A termite swarmer is a winged reproductive. Its wings stack on its back and are a stretched teardrop shape. It will have an orange or black body, depending on the species, and will be about ? of an inch long.

  • Is it possible to keep termites away?

    You can take many steps to deter termites and reduce the risk to your property. While these tips will not provide complete protection, they are definitely worth doing.

    • Remove dead branches, or place them in a bin rather than on the ground.
    • Clean your gutters and repair any damaged points in your gutter system.
    • Seal gaps, cracks, and holes to prevent drywood termite swarmers from entering.
    • Replace wood flowerbed borders with a material that termites don't eat.
    • Keep watch for changes to the wood of your property, the appearance of mud tubes, and termite swarmers.
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