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What You Can Expect From Aries Pest Control

Our pest control services provide layers of protection around your home. Granular products reduce activity in your lawn and landscaping. A liquid crack and crevice treatment applied to your exterior prevents pests from entering. Spot treatments in key areas, such as around trash receptacles, stop pests in their tracks. Weep hole treatments guard this critical location for homes that need it. Spider web and egg sac removal gets rid of hundreds of spiders before they hatch and attempt to invade your home accidentally. Wasp nest detection and removal prevent surprising encounters with these pests on your property. Seasonal mosquito control stops female mosquitoes from laying eggs in your yard and creating swarms of these irritating pests. Termite control arrests activity in your walls and uses termite workers against their colonies. We provide six services a year to give you coverage for over forty common pests in Austin.

When we select control solutions, we use all-natural methods first. When control materials are needed, we use the products suggested by industry experts. Most of the products we apply are EPA-approved and appropriate to use around people and pets. When stronger materials are required, we provide guidance for leaving the home and when it is safe to return, including a checklist to help you prepare for your pest control treatment in Austin.

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  • Bed Bug Cotrol

    • How can I prevent a bed bug infestation?
      The best way to prevent a bed bug infestation is to be vigilant. Thoroughly inspect any second-hand furniture before bringing it into your home, and check for bed bugs in hotel rooms before you unpack. Additionally, you may want to consider using mattress encasements or other preventive measures.
    • How do I know if I have a bed bug problem?

      Bed bugs are hard to spot and may not be visible during the day. The first sign of bed bugs is often the itchy bites they leave on your skin. You may also notice small, reddish-brown spots on your sheets or mattress, which are bed bug droppings. Additionally, you may be able to smell a sweet, musty, or unpleasant odor.

    • How can I get rid of bed bugs?
      The only surefire way to eliminate bed bugs is through professional pest control services. At Aries Pest Control, we use a combination of treatments and strategies to eradicate these pests from your home. Our experienced technicians will inspect your property, identify the infestation, and develop a customized plan of action. With our help, you can rest assured your home will be free of bed bugs.
  • Fire Ant Control

    • Do you offer a warranty on your fire ant treatments?
      Yes, we do. Our fire ant treatments come with either a six-month or one-year warranty depending on the treatment used. If you're still finding fire ants on your property within that time period, let us know, and we'll provide a free re-treatment. We're committed to your complete satisfaction.
    • What problems can fire ants cause on my property?
      Fire ant stings are painful and can be dangerous for people with allergies or compromised immune systems. They can also damage the structure of your home by nesting in walls, pipes, and other crevices in search of moisture.
    • Is the treatment safe for my family and pets?
      Absolutely. Our treatments always have the safety of people and animals in mind. We use only EPA-approved products, so you can rest assured that your loved ones are kept safe during the treatment process. We also use Integrated Pest Management techniques to ensure that the fire ants are eliminated quickly and safely with minimal environmental impact.
  • Lawn Aeration

    • What is lawn aeration?
      Lawn aeration is the process of mechanically breaking up soil compaction so that water, air, and fertilizer can reach the roots quickly. Small plugs are pulled up from the soil to allow for better circulation, promoting healthy root growth and turf health. Other benefits include improved drainage, less thatch buildup, and better water absorption. While DIY solutions are possible, professional aeration is the best way to ensure your lawn gets the care it needs.
    • Do you require contracts for lawn aeration and fertilization services?
      No, we do not require a contract for our lawn fertilization and aeration services. We believe the quality of our work speaks for itself, and we are confident that you'll be happy with the results. Our goal is to provide the services you need to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful without requiring a long-term commitment. Additionally, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services and are always available to answer questions or provide additional support.
    • How often should I fertilize my lawn?

      Generally speaking, we recommend that you fertilize your lawn every six to eight weeks during the growing season. However, this timeline can vary depending on your type of grass, soil conditions, and other factors. It's best to consult a professional for advice specific to your lawn's needs. At Aries Pest Control, we offer customized lawn fertilization services tailored to your lawn's unique requirements. Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your lawn gets the proper nutrients.

  • Mosquito Control

    • Is it possible to have a mosquito-free yard?
      There is no way to stop mosquitoes from entering your yard, but most mosquitoes that bite you are mosquitoes that hatch in your yard. A female mosquito lays a hundred eggs at a time. When you get a mosquito treatment, you temporarily arrest the activity of hundreds of mosquitoes and return to having a few mosquitoes wander into your yard. If you have professional mosquito traps installed, you can stop those few mosquitoes from laying eggs and keep your yard mostly free of mosquitoes.
    • Why should I hire Mosquito Works by Aries to install my In2Care® mosquito trap?
      Mosquito Works by Aries uses a two-step procedure to provide effective mosquito control. First, we'll start by spraying your yard with a mosquito repellent barrier. Then, we'll install the In2Care® mosquito trap to supplement the standard barrier protection. Of course, proper is the operative word here. Our mosquito control experts work with each customer to identify the most effective treatment and the optimal location and installation of your In2Care® mosquito traps.
    • Why should I consider In2Care® mosquito trap installation?
      Some mosquito breeds are difficult to eradicate using typical methods. For example, the Asian tiger mosquito has developed resistance to insecticides over time, necessitating more extensive control efforts. In addition, the bite of this mosquito may be exceedingly dangerous - even fatal. Mosquito Works by Aries is your go-to source – your trusted In2Care® mosquito trap provider in the Austin area – if you want to better protect your yard against mosquitoes and the illnesses they bring.
    • How does the In2Care® mosquito trap work?
      To catch a rigid insect like the Aedes aegypti, or Asian tiger mosquito, you'll need a clever mosquito trap. Mosquito Works by Aries, fortunately, offers that clever trap for your Austin area property. By leveraging the insect's olfactory biology against it, the In2Care® mosquito trap outsmarts the Asian tiger mosquito. The trap functions as a bait, emitting an odor that the mosquito finds alluring. She'll approach the green larvicide powder solution put on the floater inside once she's arrived. When she escapes the trap, she takes the powder with her and spreads it over her surroundings, essentially acting as a mosquito pupae and larvae killer. And she, too, will perish in a matter of days. Mosquitoes are efficiently combated with the In2Care Mosquito Trap!
  • Property Management And Real Estate Companies

    • What types of pest control services do you offer?
      We offer a variety of pest control services for property management and real estate companies in Austin. In addition to treating common pests such as ants, roaches, and rodents, we specialize in bed bug controltermite control, and mosquito control services. We'll work with you to develop a plan that meets the needs of your properties.
    • What are the dangers of pests on a property?
      Pests can cause a variety of problems for property managers and real estate companies. The presence of pests can discourage potential tenants and buyers, and if left unaddressed, they could also do serious damage to the property itself. In addition, certain pests can spread diseases and other health risks to occupants of the property.
    • What kind of properties do you treat?
      We specialize in treating residential and commercial properties, including single-family homes, apartments, condos, office buildings, schools, restaurants, bars, and more. Whatever type of properties you manage, we can provide comprehensive pest control services tailored to your specific needs.
  • Rodent Control

    • How do you keep rats and mice from coming indoors?
      While rodents can chew a hole to enter an Austin home, they typically use available entry points first. We target common entry points and use professional-grade materials to block entry. For example, we may create a seal around a pipe that enters your home or fill in a hole in a door frame.
    • What does Aries Pest Control do about rodents?

      We have a five-step process to deal with rats and mice. It includes an inspection, indoor treatment, outdoor rodent management, exclusion work, and follow-up treatments and inspections. We use traps and other methods to arrest indoor rodent activity and apply exclusions to prevent rodents from getting in. If rodent pressures in the yard are high, we can use bait to control the population of rodents on your property. Our rodent services are field-tested and applied according to strict protocols. When we finish, you won't have to wonder if any rodents remain indoors.

    • Is there a way to keep rats and mice out of my yard?
      There is no way to keep rodents out of your yard. But there are ways to deter rodent activity. We offer suggestions you may implement to discourage rodents and support your efforts by applying tamper-resistant bait stations to directly reduce the number of rodents near your home.
    • How do you deal with rats and mice indoors?
      The primary method for addressing an indoor infestation of house mice or rats is the deployment of traps. Our technicians use field-tested strategies to place traps along the routes rats or mice are using and track the success of the trapping program with inspections and monitoring methods.
  • Service Plans

    • How fast can I get pest services from Aries Pest Control?

      At Aries Pest Control, we pride ourselves on a commitment to fast service and immediate care for all clients. That's why we can provide home pest control services within 24 hours of your initial contact. You don't need to worry about things getting worse; our highly trained experts will be on the scene within hours! Just call us today to learn more.

    • Can I switch out of one pest control plan and get another?

      Of course! Aries Pest Control understands that situations can change anytime, including the current pest presence around your Austin home. If you need to change over from one pest control plan to the other, our experts will work alongside you to select the perfect program for your needs. Just give us a call to get started!

    • Are your one-time pest control plans contract-free?

      Yes! One-time pest control plans from Aries Pest Control are always 100% contract-free. In fact, none of our services ever come with an accompanying contract or service agreement. What you see is what you get; no red tape or fine print is ever involved. You can contact Aries Pest Control today for more information.

  • Termite Control

    • How bad are termites in Austin?
      Everything is bigger in Texas, including termite problems. The climate in our state is perfect for termites, and they're active all year long. We use the most trusted names in professional termite control to not only arrest termite activity but target and eliminate termite colonies. The control materials applied have a transfer effect. Workers take the active agent back into the heart of their colony, and one by one, we eliminate the termites. No more termites, no more problem.
    • What do termites in Austin look like?

      There are primarily three castes of termites that you'll see. If you know what these termites look like, you could catch a termite problem early.

      Workers: Termite workers are ? of an inch long and a pale yellowish color. They have six legs and look like fat ants.

      Soldiers: These are the termites that protect the workers. They are larger and have black pincers on their heads.

      Swarmers: A termite swarmer is a winged reproductive. Its wings stack on its back and are a stretched teardrop shape. It will have an orange or black body, depending on the species, and will be about ? of an inch long.

    • Is it possible to keep termites away?

      You can take many steps to deter termites and reduce the risk to your property. While these tips will not provide complete protection, they are definitely worth doing.

      • Remove dead branches, or place them in a bin rather than on the ground.
      • Clean your gutters and repair any damaged points in your gutter system.
      • Seal gaps, cracks, and holes to prevent drywood termite swarmers from entering.
      • Replace wood flowerbed borders with a material that termites don't eat.
      • Keep watch for changes to the wood of your property, the appearance of mud tubes, and termite swarmers.
    • How can I stop termites from damaging my property?
      There are two methods for stopping termites, eliminating termite colonies, and guarding your property against termite damage. The two methods are the installation of termite bait stations and liquid termiticide treatments. Reach out to us to ask how these treatment solutions work and what would work best for your specific needs.
  • Wasp Control

    • Why are wasps on my property?
      When wasps appear on your Austin property and start building their nests, it can begin to feel like they are making it their sole duty to cause problems in your life. After all, why are they choosing to live on your property and not your neighbor’s? Chances are that your home offers resources that other properties nearby do not. Most wasps prefer to live on properties that provide plenty of food sources. But what do wasps eat? Usually, these pests will seek out sweets and proteins. Lots of the insects wasps eat are high in protein, which means if more insects live on your property, there’s a higher likelihood of wasps nesting around your home. Fruit trees, flowers, and open garbage cans are also potential attractants.
    • What is the best way to remove wasps?
      If you see a wasp nesting above your doorway, wanting to remove it is a natural response. However, attempting to remove wasps from your property by yourself is often risky. Most wasps become aggressive when something or someone threatens their nests, and they won’t hesitate to sting you several times if you disturb them. To avoid dealing with the potential dangers of handling a wasp infestation, turn to the technicians here at Aries Pest Control for your wasp removal needs. We have the tools and experience to eliminate wasps from your Austin home and prevent them from returning. Contact us today to get started!
    • Are wasps dangerous?

      Although many wasps are solitary insects, some species live together in larger social groups. Mud dauber wasps are a good example of solitary insects that may live next to one another in their own nests but don’t share space within an individual hive. Hornets are a species that often live together within one nest. Unfortunately, wasps are dangerous regardless of whether they’re solitary or social. While one sting might not seem like too much of a threat, it’s important to remember that wasps have smooth stingers that allow them to sting multiple times in a row.

      Wasps become especially problematic if they build their nests around entry points to and from your home. As you come and go from your property, wasps may feel the vibrations of a shutting door and become agitated, leading them to sting anyone who comes near. For individuals allergic to wasp venom, a sting from one of these pests is potentially life-threatening or may require medical attention.

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