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scorpion on a rock

The last thing anyone wants is for their poolside hang or relaxing evening in their yard to be interrupted by a scorpion sighting. With Texas’s hot and dry climate, however, the chance of seeing a scorpion this summer is high. In fact, there are over 20 species of scorpion in Texas alone. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can employ to keep scorpions out of your summer plans.

How To Identify Scorpions

Although there are over 20 species of scorpion in Texas, the most prevalent species of scorpion in the Austin area is the striped bark scorpion. Like all scorpions, the striped bark scorpion is a member of the arachnid family. They are cold-blooded, nocturnal creatures that thrive in woodlands, grasslands, and deserts. They are about two inches long and come in varying shades of yellow, tan, or brown. The striped bark scorpion gets its name from the two dark stripes that run down the length of its back. They have pinchers that somewhat resemble those of a crab and, of course, a segmented tail that curves up over their back with a barbed stinger at the tip.

The striped bark scorpion can usually be found beneath stones or logs or hiding in a tree for shade. They will often seek out places with moisture in the home, like a sink or bathroom. These scorpions are hunters, their main prey being insects, and can be seen running across your floor as they chase down a meal.

The Dangers Of A Scorpions' Sting

There are scorpions in the United States that can cause fatal injuries. Thankfully, the striped bark scorpion is not one of them. The striped bark scorpion will sting if it feels cornered or surprised. This can happen when gardening, stepping into unchecked shoes, or reaching into a box. Their sting is very painful, with a stabbing sensation that usually lasts about 20 minutes. The area that was stung will be red and swollen for a few hours to a few days. Typically, medical intervention is not necessary. Those that have an allergic reaction, are very old, or are very young should go to the hospital as soon as possible to avoid any serious injury or fatality.

Five Environmentally-Friendly Scorpion Prevention Tips

The best way to avoid an issue with scorpions in your Austin home is to implement some prevention measures, such as:

  • Eliminate hiding spots - woodpiles, yard debris, and trash are all prime hiding spots for scorpions.
  • Seal cracks on the exterior of the home - scorpions may seek shelter from harsh weather conditions via a hole or crack in siding and screens.
  • Store your firewood away from the house and check it thoroughly before bringing it inside - scorpions can hitch a sneaky ride on firewood brought into the home.
  • Avoid planting fruit trees close to the home - rotting fruit falling from fruit trees attracts other insects, which in turn attracts scorpions.
  • Take care of leaks - do not allow leaks to continue without attention; standing water is a major attractant for a thirsty scorpion.

You may do everything in your power to prevent scorpions and still find yourself dealing with a scorpion problem in your yard. In the end, the best solution for effective scorpion control is to partner with a professional. Our team at Aries Pest Control has the tools and experience to eliminate scorpions from your Austin yard. 

The Pros To Call For Total Scorpion Control For Your Austin Home

If scorpions are already a struggle for you and your Austin home, the best thing to do is team up with a pest control expert, like Aries Pest Control. Aries Pest Control offers eco-friendly pest control solutions for Austin residents, so you can rest assured that those pesky scorpions are removed safely. With over 25 years of experience and full-service options tailored to your unique pest problem, pests don’t stand a chance against Aries Pest Control. Contact us today to learn more!