Home Should Be Your Haven: Ensuring Rodent Control and Prevention in Austin

Rat crawling on fence

The key to effective rodent control in Austin is paying close attention to the early warning signs of a problem and acting quickly. This post will tell you what signs to watch out for and what to do next. 

On top of that, we’ll provide an explanation of the health issues rodents can cause and offer suggestions for effective rodent prevention. 

So, whether you’re an absolute beginner or just looking to brush up on your rodent control knowledge, you’ll find lots of useful info here. Let’s get started.  

Signs Of Rats In The House: Identifying Rodent Activity

Different types of rodents can lead to different warning signs. But in the case of rats, in particular, the signs are usually concentrated and clear. 

For example, rats often leave droppings in the path of ‘rat runs,’ which rat colonies use to move through homes. You will also find droppings near sources of food. 

Rats also like to make their own entryways to different parts of the home if none are available. So stay on the lookout for holes in walls or floors that have suddenly appeared. 

Of course, there’s a chance that you will see the rats themselves or even other small rodents. If you ever see a rodent in your home, living or otherwise, this is a major red flag. In fact, if you notice any of the signs we’ve mentioned here, we highly recommend contacting a pest control service in your area as soon as you can. 

Impact On Hygiene And Safety: How Rodents Compromise Your Home

Of course, the problems house rodents can cause go far beyond the relatively minor signs we previously mentioned.  Whether it’s rats or mice in your home, rodents are known for causing various health risks and safety issues.  

We all take great care to keep our homes clean and sanitary, especially in the kitchen and dining areas. But unfortunately, rodents don’t have the same standards when it comes to cleanliness, and that’s where the problems come in. 

Mice, rats, and other rodents can carry and spread dangerous pathogens via direct and indirect contact with humans. In other words, if rodents have contaminated various parts of your home, then you and your family are at risk of contracting a number of different diseases and health conditions. Thankfully, rodent control can eliminate these risks. 

Get Rid Of Rodents Safely And Quickly

If you’re wondering how to get rid of rodents in the walls or any other hiding place in your home, professional rodent control is the best option. 

While DIY rodent control can be difficult and ineffective, professional control methods have been refined over time. Pest control professionals have the experience and equipment to resolve rodent problems quickly and safely. 

Pest control professionals are also a great resource when it comes to getting personalized prevention suggestions for your home. But in the meantime, we’ll provide some key prevention tips you can start using right away. 

How Do I Prevent Rodents Around My Property?

Before closing out, we want to talk about how to keep rodents away from your home for the foreseeable future. Here are some of the most important strategies to keep in mind: 

  • Don’t leave any small openings in the exterior walls of your home. Use caulking or steel wool to close up these openings. 
  • Never leave food out in the open for extended periods of time. Use airtight containers to store dry goods. 
  • Reduce moisture in the home and repair leaking pipes. 
  • Keep your home clutter-free, especially the kitchen and basement. 

For rodent control near you, get in touch with Aries Pest Control today.