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Hearing a loud buzz near your ear when you’re spending time outdoors is a frightening experience, especially if it happens to be a wasp causing that buzzing. When wasps nest around your Austin home, they become a significant threat to your peace and well-being. The best way to combat the problems these flying stinging pests cause is to implement an effective wasp control plan from a local pest control provider like Aries Pest Control. We are committed to protecting homes and families from wasps, insects, and many other property-invading pests. Don’t allow wasps to build their nests around your home and threaten your peace of mind. Instead, partner with the professionals from Aries Pest Control for solutions you can rely on year-round.

How We Eliminate Wasp Infestations

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Wasp infestations are a cause for concern for many reasons. However, with the professionals from Aries Pest Control by your side, you don’t have to handle pest problems alone. Our wasp control services begin with a free inspection of your property. We will listen closely to your concerns and inspect areas where wasps commonly build their nests, such as roof peaks, fencelines, and patio furniture. After the inspection, our treatment process includes the following:

  • Direct treatments that utilize a combination of liquid insecticides and aerosol spray to kill wasps currently living on your property
  • Knocking down nests and spiderwebs
  • Preventative spray treatments around your home’s entry points to ensure wasps don’t return

If wasps are also getting inside your home, we provide interior treatments at no extra charge. We provide pest control services in Austin to control wasps for buildings up to three stories high and will return within 30 days for reservices and as-needed follow-up visits. Say goodbye to wasps and their painful stings when you implement a professional pest control plan from Aries Pest Control. We’re ready to give your Austin home year-round protection from pests of all shapes and sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wasp Control

When wasps appear on your Austin property and start building their nests, it can begin to feel like they are making it their sole duty to cause problems in your life. After all, why are they choosing to live on your property and not your neighbor’s? Chances are that your home offers resources that other properties nearby do not. Most wasps prefer to live on properties that provide plenty of food sources. But what do wasps eat? Usually, these pests will seek out sweets and proteins. Lots of the insects wasps eat are high in protein, which means if more insects live on your property, there’s a higher likelihood of wasps nesting around your home. Fruit trees, flowers, and open garbage cans are also potential attractants.

Avoid Wasp Problems With Help From Aries Pest Control

Controlling wasps is challenging when you’re already busy with work, family, and social obligations. Let the professionals from Aries Pest Control take care of your pest control needs so you can focus on more important things. Whether wasps are living on your property or inside your Austin home, you can count on our skilled pest technicians to get rid of them in no time. In addition, we utilize EPA-approved, eco-friendly products to eliminate pest problems without harming pets or the environment. Reach out to Aries Pest Control today for more information about all the excellent pest management service plans we have to offer!

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