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Rodents In Austin Are Sneakier Than You Might Expect

We often get calls when rats or mice start making noises inside walls. Noises like these are annoying and more than a bit disturbing, so Austin residents take action. If rodents are currently making noises in your home, you may want to thank them. Most of the time, rodents don't make noise, particularly when they first enter. Rats and mice silently scurry around inside homes, exploring every level. You can have a rodent infestation for months and not even know it. Their ability to move about in your house undetected doesn't just make it hard for you to tell that you have an infestation, but it makes it difficult to tell when they're gone after you've attempted to get rid of the rodents. For this reason, it makes sense to get professional pest control in Austin, TX. A licensed professional uses a multi-pronged process that includes several control strategies and will check for rodent activity to ensure no rodents remain.

Rodents Are More Mobile Than You Might Expect

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Do you wonder how rodents get up into your attic? You may quickly say, "They climb up through the walls." While this certainly can happen, it is only one of many ways a rodent can find its way into your home. Understanding the incredible mobility of rats and mice is essential if you hope to keep them out.

  • Rats and mice can scale trees like a squirrel, run across branches, and jump several feet to get onto your roof. Up on your roof, a rodent can chew through rubber seals and thin aluminum soffits to gain entrance to your home.
  • Rats and mice can scale many exteriors as they would the bark of a tree. A mouse is a little rodent, but it can climb all the way up to the louvers of a gable vent and slip inside.
  • Rats and mice can scale pipes that run up the sides of a home and get to the roof.
  • Rats and mice can climb up through downspouts and use a gutter system to get onto a roof.
  • Rats and mice can scale poles and run along electrical lines to get to the roof of a house.

It is essential to understand the abilities and behavior patterns of rats and mice when attempting to exclude them from a structure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rodent Control

The primary method for addressing an indoor infestation of house mice or rats is the deployment of traps. Our technicians use field-tested strategies to place traps along the routes rats or mice are using and track the success of the trapping program with inspections and monitoring methods.

Rodent Control In Austin, TX

Construction and drought have led to more rodent issues in homes and businesses in Texas. KVUE in Austin reached out to us for insight on the current rodent problem in Austin.

A Science-Based Approach To Effective Rodent Control In Austin

Pest control and management is a science. It begins with a careful inspection to determine pest activity, pest routes, conducive conditions, nesting, and other key factors. Based on the findings of the inspection, your licensed technician will develop a treatment plan. Indoor rodent control is applied to arrest activity, and we use exclusion methods to prevent continued entry. If needed, tamper-resistant bait stations are installed around the exterior to reduce the number of rodents that could try to enter. All of this is supported by a follow-up inspection to make sure no sneaky rats or mice remain in the structures. When you want to know for sure that your home is rodent-free, it pays to hire a professional with training and experience.

Are you in Austin, Texas? Contact us for a rodent control service plan to address rodents in Austin. Our friendly technicians are licensed and experienced pest professionals with the problem-solving skills required to solve even the most troublesome rodent pest problems. You'll always get effective rodent control and impeccable service when you choose Aries Pest Control. Navigate to our contact page for assistance.

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