Flying Insect Identification & Prevention

Flying insects are problematic invaders to your property, and professional hornet and wasp removal is the best way to deal with these dangerous stinging insects.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Flying Insects

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What are flying insects?

Flying insects are those known for buzzing around homes and businesses and have the potential to sting humans. The types of wasps in our area you will commonly encounter include mud daubers, yellow, red, and brown wasps, and hornets. Because the weather is warm throughout most of the year in our area, flying insects pose an almost year-round threat to your enjoyment of the outdoors, and accidentally stumbling onto a nest of one of these pests is a recipe for disaster.

Proper hornet and wasp identification, in addition to wasp control in Austin, is the best thing to combat dangerous infestations of these pests.

Are flying insects dangerous?

Flying insects are predators, and they hunt and feed on other insects. They have a stinger attached to the back of their bodies which they will use to sting their prey or defend themselves. If a human happens to stumble across a flying insect and the hornet or wasp identifies them as a threat, they will sting.

Flying insects are dangerous due to their aggressive stinging nature, and their stings inject venom, which is painful and can trigger allergic reactions ranging from mild to life-threatening anaphylaxis. Wasp and hornet pest control is necessary to defeat these pests and remove them without encountering unnecessary stings.

Why do I have a flying insect problem?

Hornets and wasps are typically attracted to your property if there are plenty of places to forage for food and set up their nests. Many hornets and wasps love to feed on sweet or protein-rich foods and drinks, and leaving these items outdoors encourages infestations. Pest prey problems, excess moisture, and lots of overgrown nesting areas outdoors also contribute to flying insect invasions.

Where will I find flying insects?

Flying insects typically create nests around trees, shrubs, ground holes, under deck or roof eaves, in doorways, or inside play structures. Once a nest is on your property, a professional should remove it to prevent any accidental stings.

How do I get rid of flying insects?

Controlling wasps and hornets is almost impossible to do by yourself, which is why you need to contact Aries Pest Control at the first sign of flying insects. Our team will work with you to identify your flying insect problem areas and provide you with safe home pest control and commercial pest control solutions that return your property to safety from these pests.

How can I prevent flying insects in the future?

Prevent flying insect problems in the future by following our simple tips below to make your property less hospitable to these pests:

  • Bring all food and drinks in after spending time eating and drinking outdoors, and always clean up food or drink spills that may occur.
  • Cover trash cans, recycling bins, and compost, and do not leave pet food outdoors.
  • Clear outdoor nesting areas such as overgrown foliage and long grasses, and remove piles of organic debris or fallen fruit that might attract hungry flying insects.
  • Utilize window and door screens to ensure hornets and wasps always stay on the outside of your property and don’t nest in interior spaces.
  • Address leaks or moisture issues that might contribute to pools of water attracting flying insects or their pest prey.

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