The Struggle With Austin’s Carpenter Ants

A carpenter ant crawling on wood decking

Austin, Texas, is the Lone Star state’s capital. Some say it’s one of America’s “best places to live.” Austin’s popularity gets highlighted by its variety of foods, particularly its food trucks. A walk down Rainey Street gives people a vibrant nightlife scene and a food court full of flavors on wheels. Whether seeking Austin’s famous Tex-Mex specialties or something on the sweeter side, Rainey Street is sure to deliver. The carpenter ant is a local pest that likes the same foods people like to eat, including sweets. Without pest control in Austin, carpenter ants searching for good food and moisture may decide to hollow out a permanent residence within the wood of your home.

What Do Carpenter Ants Look Like?

Ants are everywhere, but most people don’t give them a single thought until their wanderings lead them to your doorstep. There are 14 different carpenter ants species in Texas. Carpenter ants tend to stand out because of their large size. Measuring from 1/2 to 5/8 inches long, they’re considered a giant compared to other ant species. Carpenter ants are usually black, red, or a combination of the two. Their bodies are oval-shaped and supported by six skinny legs. They also have “pinched” waists and elbowed (bent) antennae. Carpenter ants love wooded areas outdoors and typically make their homes in dead areas of trees, fallen logs, stumps, fences, and firewood. When workers venture away from their nests to search for food and water sources, they often bump into homes. Wriggling through cracks and crevices, they often discover excellent living conditions within homes and are apt to stay and start new nests. Since carpenter ants in your house spell trouble, homeowners must watch for signs of their presence.

How To Tell If Carpenter Ants Are In Your Home

Homeowners who see even one large black ant crawling around should be concerned; where there’s one, there’s more. Carpenter ants are not only a nuisance but can also cause significant problems within your home.

Signs that carpenter ants are in your home include:

  • Seeing active worker ants
  • Seeing winged ants (elbowed antennae, veined wings, pinched waist)
  • Finding small holes in wood
  • Finding “sawdust,” bits of insulation, or insect body parts underneath holes in wood fixtures
  • Hearing rustling noises behind walls

Noticing black carpenter ants in your home should prompt homeowners to call the trusted pest professional at Aries Pest Control immediately. While not considered as destructive as termites, they still cause significant damage to homes.

How Much Damage Can Carpenter Ants Do To Your Home?

While carpenter ants in your house might not have an appetite for wood, they will use their large jaws to move it out of their way (excavate) to find a perfect nesting site. Carpenter ants in the greater Austin area typically attack wood softened by moisture and fungus, but they have no problem drilling through healthy, strong wood. Over time, they can cause significant damage throughout various areas of your home.

Damages caused by carpenter ants include:

  • Weakening of support beams
  • Sloping floors
  • Warped framing (around windows and doors, causing them to stick)

The faster homeowners enlist professional help from Aries Pest Control for effective ant control solutions, the less damage carpenter ants can inflict. With quick action, homeowners can limit their exposure to the damages carpenter ants bring to area homes.

Professional Carpenter Ant Control For Austin Residents

Aries Pest Control has been servicing the Austin area since 2013. We are a family-owned and operated company with over 25 years of combined pest experience. Our safe and effective use of professional pest and ant control solutions allows our company to remove even the most challenging pests in the Austin area. Our highly trained technicians are committed to exceeding expectations to ensure your home stays pest-free. Contact Aries Pest Control today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Austin and to get a free inspection.