Bed Bug Pest Control In Austin Is Hard To Tackle Alone

Bed bug crawling on bedding

Would you rather see a pest bite you or have them bite at night while you are asleep? Although both of these situations are uncomfortable, in our opinion, night bites are more disturbing. They raise questions like, what is biting me, is it dangerous, and where are they coming from? One night-biting pest that regularly invades Austin homes is the bed bug. Here is what you should know about bed bugs in Austin and how to get them out of your home fast. If you are seeing these pests indoors and want a fast solution to give them the boot, call our team at Aries Pest Control. We offer comprehensive bed bug control inspections and treatments and would be happy to service your home.

Five Ways Bed Bugs Can Spread To Your Home

Have you ever wondered, how do bed bugs travel into homes? You are not alone. These pests do not invade homes in typical ways. Because bed bugs do not live outdoors, they use items people carry to cross the distance between homes. To help you better understand this, here are five unique ways bed bugs might spread to your home.

  1. By crawling into your child's backpack at school and riding home with him.
  2. By sneaking into your luggage while you are on vacation.
  3. By hiding inside a used couch and waiting for you to purchase it and bring it home.
  4. By living in your friend's home and using their bag to sneak over to your place. 
  5. By invading your clothing after a hard workout at the gym. 

If you want to keep bed bugs out of your home, you need to keep an eye out for these pests. Check hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs before settling in, wash used clothing on high heat immediately after getting home from vacation, and check second-hand items for these pests before buying them.

Can Bed Bugs Cause Problems Inside My Home?

One question we get often is: “Are bed bugs dangerous?” The truth is, these pests are not as harmful as other blood-feeding insects in our area. This is because they do not spread diseases. Bed bugs can, however, cause insomnia and anemia. Insomnia is a condition that affects sleep and anemia is a condition caused by a lack of red blood cells. Both of these problems become worse as bed bug infestations grow.

DIY Bed Bug Control Isn't Easy

Something bed bugs are known for is hiding when faced with danger. These pests have the ability to seek shelter inside your home and stay hidden for over a year without needing a blood meal. If you are not trained in how pest control can kill bed bugs, we do not recommend facing these pests on your own. Most homeowners end up wasting time and money only to have these pests reemerge a few months later.

You Should Always Use A Professional

The absolute best way to control bed bugs is to hire a professional. Aries Pest Control offers local pest control for bed bugs that you can trust. Our team works hard to provide premier treatments and inspection services for members of our community. We will check your home, identify the size of your infestation, and suggest a treatment method to give these pests the boot, fast. 

Call now if you have questions about pest control in Austin or if you would like to ask us about signs of bed bugs. We will help in any way we can and schedule your home for a service visit if needed.