Pest Control Service in Lago Vista TX

Don’t let a pest problem get you down. Especially when you’ve tried other pest control services and keep having the same issues over and over again, pest problems can be incredibly frustrating and even scary. Pests like rodents can destroy your food and belongings or even carry diseases while insects like bees can cause serious allergic reactions. In other words, pests need to be taken seriously which is why you need a team who know exactly how to handle them.

Enter Aries Pest Control.

Our team has more than 25 years combined experience dealing with all the different kinds of pests you could possibly imagine. Over that period, we have learned all the best practices for handling pests but also the ways to make our customers happy and keep them satisfied. With that combination of skills, we’re sure you will have a positive experience if you choose to work with us. If you’re not convinced, just look at the many positive reviews people have left after choosing our company to handle their pest control services. Our team is licensed and always shows up on time and gets the job done in a timely manner, something everyone appreciates. One of the highest priorities in our work is to keep everyone safe which is why we use green products and processes that will kill the pests but leave everyone else alone safe and sound. 

Services We Offer

In order to help people suffering through pests problems as much as possible, we offer a wide variety of pest control services. We will handle commercial properties such as office buildings, healthcare facilities, hospitality spaces like hotels, and commercial arenas. We’ll also help with residential pest problems in homes or apartment buildings. No matter where the pests are, we will find them and get rid of them for you. We offer complete packages including long-term pest management services but also allow customers to use our services on a one-time basis, something not many of our competitors do. We don’t want to pressure you into any extensive contract when you only need our services once because that wouldn’t make sense. 

How We Stand Out

  • A flexible, no-pressure approach with transparent pricing
  • A Safe Spray guarantee for 30 days of service
  • Decades of combined experience in the industry
  • Identified as a Thumbtack Top Pro, a rare accomplishment
  • Team of licensed professionals