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Update As Of July 10, 2020

Emergency Mosquito Treatment For Travis/Williamson Counties

Disease Carrying Mosquitos In Williamson County

These are strange times we’re living in. As if COVID-19 wasn’t enough, we now have West Nile Virus carrying mosquitoes to worry about in the greater Austin area. It’s currently Summertime, and people want to be able to enjoy doing outdoor activities. Grilling, swimming, having friends and family over. Mosquitoes are the most common summer pest. The warmer temperatures allow mosquitoes to move through their life cycle faster, which means they lay more eggs in the summer months. The summer rains also provide the ideal setting for mosquitoes to breed. Aries Pest Control is currently providing Emergency Mosquito Treatment that immediately kills Mosquitoes and prevents more from appearing for over three weeks. Our technicians will assess your mosquito situation and treat all harborage areas, breeding grounds for mosquitoes. We will fog your lawn and bushes, drain and tip over any water buckets, use a mosquito-repelling gulf stream to kill mosquitoes, and encapsulate a protective bubble around your home. We guarantee that we will eliminate near 100% of all your mosquitoes for nearly three weeks, and will come out within ten days to retreat at no charge if you notice an uptick in mosquito activity again. It would help if you didn’t have to fear to go in your front or back yard and being pestered by mosquitoes that are potentially carrying life-threatening diseases.
The truth is that preventing mosquitoes on your property is a challenging job. Mosquitoes need standing water, but they don’t need a lot of it. Sure, you could dump out the standing water in flower pots, rinse out the old pool, and clean the birdbath, but there are places you can’t see. That is where professional services come in. Aries Pest Control will do a free inspection before making a recommendation to treat mosquito harborage areas. We offer comprehensive pest control service to keep your home free from pests and the places they hide and breed. Call now to schedule your inspection. We have lowered our three-week mosquito treatment from $79.99 to $59.99 to help anyone interested in protecting their home. KVUE ABC – West Nile Virus Williamson County Documentation.